Operational Inspection


Range of application:
Helideck with sub-structure, fire and lighting system and safety net. Walkways and stairs, handrails, telescopic gangways, flexi-barriers, modules, etc.

Principle of measurement:
Operational inspection is a combination of multiple methods for reviewing and testing equipment, safety systems, structures, oil and fluid analyses, all adjusted to the equipment package. Operational inspections may be performed at fixed intervals (yearly and five-yearly inspections) and/or state based systems (online monitoring) giving state predictability.

Detects state and deviations against:
• Equipment vendor’s maintenance specifications
• Regulatory requirements
• Customer’s operating requirements

• Maintains technical integrity
• Enhanced regularity
• Meets regulatory requirements relating to HSE&Q

• Access to equipment and structures
• Multi-disciplinary operational inspection team
• Operational references required in order to assess results

Our inspection equipment:
• Pressure verification equipment
• NDT equipment
• Analysis equipment for oil and fluids
• Various test equipment for electric installations