About Us

Marine Aluminium AS is an internationally recognized supplier of innovative and sustainable access solutions. Since 1953 Marine Aluminium has been designing, manufacturing and supplying in aluminium to satisfied offshore, marine and onshore clients.


Our core values are:

  • Customer focus
  • Loyalty
  • Team spirit
  • Focus on solutions

Vision: We make offshore access safe and reliable

Marine Aluminium’s reputation is based on loyalty, team spirit and the ability to find good and rational solutions. This is why we see our core values as our most important resources in our business culture, management and personnel policies and decision processes. We aim to keep a high quality standard on our products, our facilities and our work processes and a high ethical standard between colleagues and in the relationship with our customers and associates.

The culture in Marine Aluminium is built on honesty and respect for all people as unique and valuable. All employees are equally important and highly valued for their competence and experience.

Marine Aluminium does not accept any form of harassment or discrimination based on gender, religion, disability, race, nationality or ethnicity, cultural background, social group, disability, sexuality, marital status, age, political sympathies or trade union membership. No forced labour, slavery or involuntary work is permitted. Marine Aluminium is a drug free work place. Every effort is made to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Company milestones

1953: Company officially established
1974: Delivery of first aluminum Helideck to Semisub “Borgsten Dolphin”
1979: Delivery of first telescopic gangway to Flotel “Treasure Supporter”
1980: Helideck and gangway delivered to the “Safe Concordia” platform
: Marine Aluminium commissioned the world’s first Friction Stir Welding machine for aluminum panels
1998: First aluminum Living Quarter with Friction Stir Welded panels supplied to Norsk Hydro’s Oseberg Sør
2006: Helideck no. 350 installed on vessel “Atlantic Guardian”
2008: MA Subsidiary established in Ningbo, China
2012: Telescopic gangway no 60 delivered. Helideck no 500 delivered
2013: MA established sales office in Spain
2014: MA was awarded Company of the Year by the local Business Association
2015: Delivered the world’s largest telescopic gangway to Østensjø’s accommodation vessel Edda Fortis
2015: MA acquired Uptime
2015: MA was awarded Gaselle Company by the national newspaper Today’s Business
2017: MA and Uptime International AS became separate operating companies

Marine Aluminium

PO Box 134, N-4299 Avaldsnes, Norway
Phone: + 47 52 84 84 00
E-mail: post@m-a.no