Friction Stir Welded Panels


Our Aluminium FSW Panels offer substantial benefits to our customers. The flatness of the panels, free from distortions and buckling will ensure the highest efficiency during fabrication and this will save man-hours/cost and improve quality.

The FSW technology has been approved by all major classification societies. Marine Aluminium AS has been approved and issued with the certificates covering the FSW machine and method. Our highly automated FSW machine makes it possible to weld large size panels up to 15 meters in length. The alloys we use are seawater resistant and have the mechanical properties of mild steel at merely one third of the weight.

The solutions we offer can be tailor made to suit the customer’s requirements.

MA has a unique competence in producing large modularised panel systems for both the superstructure and hull of ships. The panels are produced by Friction Stir Welding of large aluminium profiles, rather than the more traditional methods based on manual welding of sheet metal.

The absence of melting during welding gives a modularised panel free from thermal distortions, and with a plane and smooth top surface. There is no need for after work such as grinding and brushing on friction stir welded panels. This results in a process that is cheaper overall with substantial weight reductions and an end product with a superior finish.

Typical uses for FSW panels include:
• Ship hulls and superstructure
• Elevator shaft and stair tower walls
• Modules

Please contact us with your requirements.