Code of Conduct

All business partners of Marine Aluminium AS must at all times ensure:


Legal Compliance:

  • To comply with all relevant laws and regulations

Corruption and Bribery:

  • To tolerate no form and not to engage directly or indirectly in any form of corruption or bribery.
  • Not to grant, offer or promise anything of value to a government official or to counterparty in the private sector to influence official action or obtain an improper advantage.

Fair Competition, Anti-trust Laws and Intellectual Property Rights

  • To act in accordance with national and international competition laws and not to participate in price-fixing, market or customer allocation, market sharing or bid rigging with competitors.
  • To respect the intellectual property rights of others.

Conflict of Interest

  • To avoid all conflicts of interests that may adversely influence business relationships.

Respect for Basic Human Rights of Employees

  • To promote equal opportunities and treatment of employees irrespective of skin color, race, nationality, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions, sex or age.
  • To respect personal dignity, privacy, and rights.
  • To refuse to employ or make anyone work against their will, and to ensure that no forced labor or human trafficking is present, also not at any partners or sub-contractors. And to ensure active follow on this point.
  • To ensure that all employees have an understandable hiring contract covering basic employment rights and duties such as but not limited to:
    • Layoff and resignation notice
    • An understandable salary statement that includes regular and overtime hours
    • Regular and overtime earnings and deductions
    • Payment According to applicable laws, industry standards or relevant collective agreements, and no less that the minimum wage
    • Minimum one weekly day off
    • Procedure in case of illness
  • To ensure that management support employees’ right to freely associate and collectively bargain without unlawful interference. And to recognize, as far as legally possible, the right of free association of employees and to neither favor nor discriminate against members or employee organization or trade unions.
  • To refuse to tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees including gestures, language and physical contact, such as but not limited to:
    • Harsh or degrading treatment
    • Sexual or physical harassment
    • Mental, physical or verbal abuse coercion or intimidation in any circumstances in the workplace and premises linked to the company
  • To comply with the maximum working hours in applicable laws.
  • To complain with ILO convention C143, Migrant Workers.

Prohibition of Child Labor

  • To employ no workers under the age of 15 or, in those countries subject to the developing country exception of the ILO Convention 138, to employ no workers under the age of 14.
  • To follow national laws which permit employment of children between 12 and 15 years to perform very few hours of light work per day. This must not interferent with the children’s education.
  • To employ no workers under 18 years to perform any type of work, which can jeopardize their health, safety, or morals.

Health and Safety of Employees

  • To take responsibility for the health and safety of its employees.
  • To control hazards and take the best reasonably possible precautions against accidents and occupational diseases.
  • To provide training and ensure that employees are educated on health and safety issues.
  • To provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and monitor the usage of PPE .
  • To set u and use a reasonable occupational health and safety management system.

Environmental Protection

  • To act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection.
  • To minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.
  • To set up and use a reasonable environmental management system.

Supply Chain

  • To ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct among suppliers and follow up on compliance
  • To comply with the principles of non-Discrimination with regard to supplier selection and treatment.

Conflict minerals

  • To take reasonable efforts to avoid the use of raw materials, which directly or indirectly finance armed groups who violate human rights.

Ethics helpline

  • To ensure that employees, managers and external stakeholders are able to raise concerns anonymously, and that these are solved in a fair way and without any form of retaliation against the person who raised concern.

Data Security and Privacy

  • To follow all legal requirements for data protection and remain committed to protect rights and privacy as stipulated in the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Marine Aluminium AS encourages reporting of any suspect violations of this Code of Conduct through proper channels, and we forbid any form of retaliation for fulfilling this obligation. Link to whistleblower:

(All whistleblowers are anonymously and confidential unless you directly