FlexiBarrier is a product developed to cope with the rough handling of goods and containers offshore. Adjacent railings and protection systems in lay-down areas are often damaged, causing work delays and safety problems. Other items often requiring protection are lifeboats, valves and aerial towers.

FlexiBarriers consist of hinged energy absorbing posts and horizontal railings with flexible interconnections. Footplates for the posts can either be welded or bolted to steel or aluminium decks. The railings can be supplied in different heights and with an optional numbers of rails.

Each post has a flexible band that allows it to pivot at the base when a load strikes against it. The railings, which make up a barrier ‘wall’, will transfer the load to the posts. The flexibility of the barrier prevents damage to the railings.

Once the load is removed from the barrier wall, the flexible bands return the posts and their attached railings to an upright, vertical position.

Its unique design, along with aluminium’s properties of low weight and high resistance to corrosion, offer great advantages over comparable steel constructions for shipping and offshore installations.

The FlexiBarrier can also be extended to a larger flexi-wall structure. These can be used as protection for sensitive equipment, near lay-down areas and other high-risk areas.

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