Magnetic Powder Examination


Range of application:
All materials that can be magnetized

Principle of measurement:
This is a method that detects faults on the surface of an object. In order to produce an accurate result, the surface has to be clean, untreated and not painted. The material is magnetized (multiple methods) after which testing means are applied, at the same time as the material is inspected to assess the result. Normally the process involves cleaning and demagnetization. Then the contrast paint is applied, followed by magnetization of the material, field strength check and application of testing means. Finally inspection, cleaning, demagnetization, if relevant, and corrosion protection. The method requires good light conditions.

• Faults within or right below the surface (pores, cracks, etc.)

• Large degree of sensitivity to small indications
• Immediate inspection result
• Portable equipment

• Type of material (only ferromagnetic materials)
• Limited depth of inspection (mainly surface faults)
• Requires training and experience to give reliable results
• Surface condition (max. thickness of painting: 50μ)
• Reference standards required to assess result

Our magnetic powder equipment:
• Yoker and Prods
• UV light
• Measuring equipment