Dye Penetrant Examination


Range of application:
All non-absorbing or porous materials

Principle of measurement:
A penetrating fluid is applied to a non-porous surface, followed by visual assessment, if relevant with optical means to assess the result. Normally the process consists in cleaning, application of penetrating fluid (which will work for a few minutes and up to 1⁄2 hour). Then follows subsequent removal of superfluous penetrant fluid, with further development in the form of applying an absorbing powder to the surface, in order to develop and visualize any defects. The method requires a large degree of accuracy and cleanliness.

• Cracks breaking the surface
• Other types of faults breaking the surface (pores, etc)
• Leakage testing

• Large degree of sensitivity to small indications
• Immediate inspection result
• Portable equipment

• Low and high temperatures
• Faults under the surface
• Requires training and experience to give reliable results
• Surface treatment and surface condition
• Cleaning process
• Reference standards required to assess result
• Necessary equipment: Fluids often in aerosol cans
• Protective equipment for skin and respiration

Our penetrant equipment:
• Pressure water can
• Chemicals
• UV light
• Measuring equipment