Uptime International, part of Marine Aluminium group now markets gangways previously branded as Marine Aluminium gangways.

Uptime International is the global leader in developing safe motion compensated access solutions, our company mission is to increase uptime through safe access.

Uptime International develops, markets and installs, for sale and rental, motion compensated access solutions for the oil and gas and the offshore wind industry around the globe.

Uptime has a range of proven gangways from 6 to 57m. In total have we delivered more than 130 walk to work gangways globally since 1979.

Uptime gangways can be pushed against a platform for short time connections or landed on a landing platform for long term connections – all the time continuously open for transfer in both directions.

Our gangways are also available with an adjustable height pedestal or integrated towards an elevator tower making it possible to reach almost any height landing.

With a range of Uptime logistic solutions is it possible to take cargo from the vessel warehouse, up through an integrated elevator, and through our UPTIME gangway directly to the transition piece or oil installation with an electric trolley. This solution can be standalone or add-on to existing solutions.

Autonomous Uptime gangways are long term tested and ready for delivery, push the auto-landing button and the gangway will connect itself.

Existing passive gangways can be upgraded to fully active motion compensated gangways

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Find more information on: www.uptime.no


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