Total Maintenance Management (TMM)


MA offers a maintenance service program that specifically serves the client’s need to extend the product’s lifecycle and to keep a high operation regularity – all within reasonable budgets.


  • The TMM contract safeguards your future needs
  • Establish an OEM commitment for lifetime support
  • Increase uptime and peace of mind
  • Access to service and spare parts
  • Discount on service and spare parts
  • Access to service history and technical records
  • Expert assessments and recommendation reports

Our maintenance program
We have gathered the most important service activities into one umbrella – the Total Maintenance Management program (TMM). This is a system built on preventive maintenance, considering the client’s operational and financial risk. The TMM service has three different levels: TMM Standard, TMM Medium and TMM Plus.



By implementing yearly inspections, we identify any discrepancies or abnormalities and make assessments in wear and tear protocols. This leads to a technical report documenting the product conditions for correction through our maintenance program.


Yearly maintenance

Our maintenance philosophy is simple; with better planning and control, fewer unexpected events will occur. These principles are established and handled through our preventive maintenance program (part of TMM). The end-result is increased operation regularity.


Service & Operation support

TMM members can invoke operational support from MA, i.e. certified gangway operators on short term or long term assignments. Key Account Manager TMM members will have a dedicated Key Account Manager from MA as project manager and single point of contact. Our worldwide traveling team of highly qualified and experienced product specialists are always available to serve our clients with their competence and detailed knowledge of your gangway.

Global TMM Service

We are never more than a phone a call away. TMM members can call us at

0047 97 60 60 80


Spare parts

General spares

Clients have access to all spares for one year’s consumption to be kept on board. This will be assessed and adjusted on the client’s request.

Critical spares

We offer packages of critical spare parts, which can be located on board or as a mix between MA stock and on board storage.


The TMM program includes a high quality tool package for rental. We rent out containers fully equipped with hand-tools, welding machines, hydraulic tensioners etc.


Modifications & Upgrades

MA provides continuous product updates and improvements. Such updates and modifications to your gangway can be provided on-site or at yard location – as applicable


Certified Training

MA provides simulator based gangway operator training and issues a Gangway Operator Certificate. To qualify for this certificate, the candidates are required to take a Basic course, supervised on the job training and an Advanced course, including practical and theoretical exams.



Please contact us with your requirements.

For more information about our training programs and schedules, see Certified Training at MA Academy.