Uptime Rental


Uptime Rental offers the possibility to rent our world leading telescopic gangways.

Our telescopic gangways are a vital safety element, used to bridge the gap between fixed and floating installations or between two floating installations / vessels offshore. The main purpose is personnel access, but it can also in some cases support utility transfer lines for fuel, water, compressed air, power/LAN/fiber etc. With groundbreaking new technological advances in Active Motion Compensation and Auto Landing®, our telescopic gangways are available for a wider range of use on vessels and rigs worldwide.

The gangways can be rented either for short or long term, with purchase options being offered upon request. MA provides certified gangway operators to operate and maintain the gangway throughout the rental period, and we can even train/certify your own vessel crew to take over the operation for longer project periods.

Our rental pool consists of the following gangways:

  • Uptime Rental 23.4m: Operating length: 19.4m   Telescope: +/- 4.0m, 1 unit available June 2016
  • Uptime Rental 26.0m: Operating length: 22.0m   Telescope: +/- 4.0m, 2 units available now!
  • Uptime Rental 26.0m w/skid and telescopic pedestal: Operating length: 22.0m Telescope: +/- 4.0m, 1 unit available August 2016
  • Uptime Rental 42.5m: Operating length: 36.5m   Telescope: +/- 6.0m, 1 unit available May 2016.


Please contact us for more details and a competitive price offer.