Telescopic Gangways


Marine Aluminium was the first, and is by far the most experienced manufacturer of aluminium gangways in the world.

Marine Aluminium’s telescopic gangways are a very important offshore safety feature, and although the main purpose is personnel access between offshore installations, it can also be used to support utility transfer lines for fuel, mud, electricity and water.

Our gangways can be used as a bridge between fixed and floating installations or between two floating installations.



The greatest advantage of MA telescopic gangways is their safety level. The telescopic gangways provide optimum safety for personnel, even during the roughest conditions, as the gangways have automatic disconnection in the event of an emergency situation. The gangways can also be equipped with fire suppressing deluge piping along the length of the gangway to protect personnel from fire hazards.

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Marine Aluminium Telescopic Gangways are designed and built to meet each customer’s unique requirements and are available in different configurations from 14 meters to 60 meters in length.

A safe connection is made possible using Marine Aluminium’s landing cone which ensures that the gangway will be able to compensate for the relative movements between the connected parties.

Telescopic Gangways from Marine Aluminium are in use all over the world and do not require any modification to the rig or platform to land the gangways.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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