Test & Inspection

What is NDT and how is it administered?

NDT means Non Destructive Testing. The objective of this testing method is to identify material quality and possible defects in welding seams and joints during a construction process and as part of a maintenance programme.

Nordtest is a Nordic governing body for NDT regulations. It administers procedures for qualification, examinations and certification of NDT operators.

EN ISO 9712 is an international certification standard for NDT personnel. These are the three operator levels:

  • Level 1 operators assists level 2 operators.
  • Level 2 operators perform the tests and are responsible for all practical inspection work related to the method they are qualified and certified for. The inspection work shall be recorded according to given standards and specifications.
  • Level 3 operators are responsible for supervising the NDT inspections and making sure that this is carried out in accordance with Nordtest/EN ISO 9712’s regulations.

In addition to NDT testing, NT & I also offer welding inspections. All our welding inspectors are NS 477 certified.

Typical duties of a welding inspector are:
· Interpretation of drawings and specifications
· Verifications of procedure and welder qualifications
· Verifying the application of approved welding procedures
· Selection of production test samples
· Interpretation of test results
· Preparation and keeping of reports
· Preparation of procedures

The power to stop work or call immediate remedial action to resolve a quality problem is a particularly important part of the inspector’s responsibility.